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Daniel Nashed

DNUG 50. Anniversary Conference - a long community journey

Daniel Nashed – 10 June 2023 07:53:24
DNUG 50. Anniversary Conference

preparations for #DACHNUG conference next week...
This is our 50. anniversary conference. I still recall my first presentations long long time ago.

It was my first public speaking, before I attended my first Orlando Lotusphere the year after.

I have been a speak at every conference since then and I am so proud for DNUG to be a platform for us for such a long time.

A community like this lives from the participating members. As for most organizations like this, there are a few people running the show (it's actually a normal distribution like many other things in life).

It's all about the community and the key contributors

This year shows again, that we have still a great crowd of people around in the community.

I recall the time in the business partner forum. A world wide replicated database for business partners around the world Lotus at that time, to share ideas and collaborate.

DNUG has a couple of focus groups. The two most active groups are the Domino focus group and the communications focus group.

In my role as member of the Domino focus group I am running the DNUG Lab.

But I want to specially highlight and say thank you to the DNUG communication focus group to implement a ST infrastructure just for the conference (we have one permanent implementation, too).

DACHNUG Conference Chat

Everyone registered got a mail with log in credentials including QR codes to download the software from the app stores and the login settings.

I just had to add my mail-address and my registration number. And it just works.

Special thank you to Erik Schwalb from HCL for his continuos engagement beyond the communications focus group and to make this happen!

But also a special thanks for all the active focus group members and the DNUG board for their engagement over the last years! You are part of the heart and soul of our community!

It has been a long and interesting journey for many of us so far

Looking into the first messages in "Coffee Bar" chat in this ST community makes me realize again how many of us are around since the very early days in this community.

I see screen prints from books for Lotus Notes 3.3 in the chat..

There are many of us being around since Notes version 3.x or 4.x.

I have started with Notes 3.3 and started in production with Notes on HP-UX shortly after.

This is by the way when the first version of today's Domino Linux and AIX start script was born.

What makes Notes and Domino so special that people spend their whole career working with this product?

A while ago I tried to explain what Notes really is and what makes it special -->
The key components of Notes are still unmatched by other software today.

And the cross platform support is still very impressive.



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