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Daniel Nashed

DNUG Domino 9 Presentation - Notes/Domino SAML

Daniel Nashed – 10 June 2013 12:41:35

Last Friday in Berlin I did a presentation of Domino 9.
Focus for this presentation was the new DBMT, new compact options and other backend changes in this area on the one side.
And SAML on the other side. I had a couple of VMs running demonstrating Federated Login for Web, Notes with ID-Vault and also showed what is possible in combination with the browser login and iNotes.

The documentation about the functionality is a bit limited. But once you get it working it works quite well.
There are some limitations but for a first version it works already great!

SAML is leveraged for Federated Login with Web Clients and also Notes Standard Clients in combination with ID-Vault.
Federated login also works in combination with NSL to take your Notes.ID offline. And for Web Login you can use Kerberos of your authenticated user in the AD.

If you are interested in the presentation drop me a mail ...

-- Daniel



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