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Daniel Nashed

#DACHNUG 49 conference lab mission completed

Daniel Nashed – 10 June 2022 18:52:42

Image:#DACHNUG 49 conference lab mission completed

This will be the most complete Domino lab environment you have seen prepared for a conference.

I took mot of the new Domino 12.0.x features -- including 12.0.2 EA1 into three servers.

Come and see Domino 12.0.2 live in action, get your own demo account for the conference, ask questions.

You will see some special configurations described in the last couple of month on my blog.
And I just finished a first version of a SafeLinx Nomad Web container image, which we will use and showcase at the conference.

I just got the OK from the board, that we get our own mini booth for the lab.

So beside the sessions I plan to spend a lot of time at the lab booth.

If anything is missing on the list you want to see about Domino 12.0.x.. It's still time to add it.. Let me know ..

We can walk thru all the features and specially my favorite topics Domino Backup, CertMgr and the new ICAP Antivius integration.

Have a great weekend and I hope to see many of you at #DACHNUG 49 soon.

-- Daniel

Domino Lab Setup

-- 3 Servers --
  • Domino 12.0.2 EA1 first/additional server with OneTouch setup
  • Servers hosted @ Hetzner --> Installation via Hetzner Cloud and DNS REST API using a Notes application demoed at Domino 12.0 launch event
  • Linux servers run the current HCL Domino community image
  • using dominoctl for containers -- Container start script for Docker and Podman (with systemd service)
  • OneTouch templating and automation on Linux
  • Access to Windows server via SSH tunnel with Ed25519 key for RDP access
  • CentOS Stream 9 with Podman
  • OneTouch templating and automation on Linux
  • Traveler 12.0.2 on Podman
  • c-icap server with ClamAV integration providing ICAP for mailscan behind NGINX to offload TLS
  • Domino and Fail2Ban Integration
  • SpamGeek with SPF
  • SUSE Leap 15.3 with Docker
  • CAPI 12.0.1 development environment in Domino container
  • Verse 2.2.0a in Domino container image
  • SafeLinx 1.3 with Nomad Web 1.0.3 in a separate Docker container
  • KeyCloak server on Docker
  • Minio server on Docker
  • NGINX for port 443 to dispatch to different applications via SNI
  • Windows 2022
  • Veeam Backup & Replication 11

-- Main features configured --

  • CertMgr with HTTP-01 & DNS-01 (free provider: deSEC e.V.)
  • ECDSA keys
  • TOTP
  • SAML with KeyCloak
  • Domino CA with Lotus Script
  • Internet lockout with IP based blocking
  • ID Vault

Message Security
  • MailScan with c-ICAP and ClamAV
  • DKIM with RSA and Ed25519
  • DKIM and SPF configured in DNS

TCO: Backup and storage optimization etc
  • VSS Writer Backup with Veeam
  • Linux Domino Backup to ZFS
  • Domino 3 way cluster with cluster repair
  • DAOS
  • Translog
  • DBMT best practices configuration
  • DDM setup



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