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Daniel Nashed

Setting DISABLE_DIR_DEL_IF_EMPTY in notes.ini has side effect of Fulltextindex not being deleted

Daniel Nashed – 27 June 2009 20:51:52

The notes.ini setting DISABLE_DIR_DEL_IF_EMPTY=1 has been recommended a while ago to avoid issues with unmounts of Windows junctions when a database was deleted in the junction directory because the delete of the directory was attempted even the directory was not empty. The notes,ini setting avoids deleting of empty directories on low level.

We never noticed that this causes side effects for deleting a FT index. What happens is that the files are removed but the FT index directory structure stays on disk. This also happens in the grthome directory (used for on the fly FT indexing).
There is a new SPR #BBSZ7TAA7P (Setting DISABLE_DIR_DEL_IF_EMPTY in notes.ini has side effect of Fulltextindex not being deleted) which has been created this week.

The underlying issue with the unmount of the junction on Windows has been fixed meanwhile (late in D6.x code stream SPR is #PBIT554KUV -- Database deletion unlinks the NTFS mounted drive).
But the best practice for junctions was still around because the SPR is not listed in any fix list (we got the info from support this week).
So as long the directory pointing to your junction is not empty it should be save to disable the notes.ini parameter.

There are a couple of other issues with junctions on Windows (platform stats for disks using junctions does not work, calculation of free space for accelerated database copied use the root directory).
Those problems have not yet been technoted but IBM support and development is aware of those limitations and working on it (not sure for which release).

-- Daniel



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