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Daniel Nashed


    Date Conversion Question Lotus Script / Fromulas @TextToTime Internationally

    Daniel Nashed  25 June 2019 06:29:49
    I ran into an issue with my delete log application when converting timedates from the internal format  like [20190612T154744,66-05] to a date when the server is in the US.

    What I have assumed is that if I specify a dot instead of the slash the @TextToTime function would work with day.month.year.
    But it appears it is still working instead.

    Does anyone have an idea how to do this conversion operation safely internationally?
    Is there any save string format which will always corrected in the same way?

    In C-API it would be simple. You can fill in the corresponding values in the TIME structure and convert.
    But I did not find anything like that in @Formulas or LotusScript.

    Before I start spending time on it, probably someone has solved this already ...

    -- Daniel



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