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Daniel Nashed


Creating Domino One Touch Setup JSON via Lotus Script

Daniel Nashed  24 March 2024 08:05:41

The idea for Domino One Touch Setup (OTS) was born in the Domino Container Community project and HCL added a native implementation into Domino 12 available cross platform.
The Domino container image and also the Domino Start Script can consume it and ship with first and additional server OTS JSON files including prompting to replace placeholders.

Beside the standard documentation there is a GitHub repository for examples and additional information ->

The basic configuration isn't that complicated. But you can also use it to create databases from templates and add or update documents.
Generating JSON from existing documents might be quite time consuming.

I wrote Lotus Script code to convert documents into JSON and also a small routine to create the setup part of OTS.

For now it is a simple script I added to a database where I dump documents I want to add to OTS.

But in future we could make it a full application.

What do you think?

-- Daniel



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