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Daniel Nashed

Count down to DACHNUG conference in Siegburg next week

Daniel Nashed – 7 June 2023 06:58:25

Time flies so fast.. DACHNUG conference is already next week.
I got questions how to book one of the workshops, when you already have a ticket for the conference.

The FAQs for the conference says you just need to update your existing ticket on Eventbrite like this:

If you want to join the Domino Kubernetes workshop, we have some spots left.

I did send a mail to all participants about what they already know about Linux, Docker and K8s.
Also about what they expect from the workshop. I am already looking forward to the discussion part of the workshop.

I am almost done with the preparations. Still thinking about which platform to deploy (Ubuntu vs. CentOS and RKE2 vs. K8s).
Probably it's going to be CentOS Stream 9, because Ubuntu is quite different from Linux admin point of view.

If someone wants to attend the conference last minute. For some reasons the hotels are all booked in Siegburg and also Cologne and Bonn.
We don't have an idea why. But hopefully there are some last minute rooms.

Looking forward to meet many of you...

-- Daniel

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