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Daniel Nashed

Cluster Failover Improvement since 8.5.2

Daniel Nashed – 21 February 2012 11:46:25

I thought I blogged about it long time ago already but sounds like I forgot.
There used to be a parameter in earlier 8.x releases that does some kind of failover.
Beginning with 8.5.2 there is a new parameter that can be set thru the desktop policy settings.
This parameter does avoid almost all prompts when a server goes down and switches to a different server.
Also when the home server is up again it will fail back :-)
That's part of the failover improvements in 8.5.2.

But you still need to enable this setting to have the failover happen without any kind of prompts.

Note: The old parameter is HidePromptFailoverInc=1 you should remove this parameter and replace it with the desktop setting or the FailoverSilent=1 setting!

Info from the technote:

#2 - Enable "FailoverSilent" notes.ini variable
In certain circumstances the Notes client will prompt to inform the user that the current server is no longer available and that it will fail over to a new one. These messages may cause uncertainty for the end user. Enable via policy the "FailoverSilent" notes.ini variable, which will minimize any failover-related messages or dialogs being displayed to users. By applying the "Enable silent failover when a server goes down" Desktop Policy setting (Desktop Settings -> Mail- > Client Settings), users will rarely encounter any prompts. 



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