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Daniel Nashed


Changes in HTML MIME Rendering cause some odd behaviour

Daniel Nashed  24 May 2010 10:18:07

Since Notes 8 the client uses a different way to render HTML mail. The client uses functionality from the default operating system browser to improve the rendering.
This functionality is used to view and print read-only mails. Since Notes Release 8 I had some issues with this functionality.

- ESC does not always work
- Copying text does sometimes copy the wrong text
- Searching in the document does not work
- Some links are not displayed correctly

Some of those issues have been already technoted and the suggestion is to disable the new rendering via perferences ("Disable Embedded Browser for MIME mail") or directly via notes.ini (BrowserRenderDisable=1).
A Partner also reported that disabling this functionality reduced the number of crashes they had.

I would be interested in your experience with the new HTML rendering.

-- Daniel



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