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Daniel Nashed


Change in Apple iOS 10.x (and later) devices prevents full device wipe via Traveler Web & SmartCloud Notes Administration interfaces

Daniel Nashed  29 September 2016 07:11:25

Surprisingly and without any notice that I am aware of Apple has removed the ability to reset iOS devices over ActiveSync.
A chance in this area was expected in general because it could be risky to allow an ActiveSync account to wipe a complete device.

It's still a surprise that they completely removed the wipe functionality.
IMHO the better change would have been to just remove all data that this ActiveSync profile has synced -- similar to the application wipe IBM implemented with Traveler for iOS with AciveSync.
But according to the technote (I have not tested it on my own yet) the Apple devices with iOS 10 and higher confirm the request and ignore it.

If you have a MDM solution this doesn't really have an impact because the right way would be to use remote wipe your MDM provides.

But for other devices the only option to wipe a lost device is to use the Lost Device functionality implemented with your iCloud account (which needs to be enabled and can only be used in combination with that Apple-ID).

Right now with Traveler you have to be careful and check the device OS version before you invoke the wipe because Traveler does not have a check for that changed behavior implemented.

See the following technote for details

-- Daniel



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