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Daniel Nashed

Challenge - Preparing again for live presentations -- Next stop: DNUG

Daniel Nashed – 28 May 2022 19:04:50

After more then years presenting at a "on prem" conference, is quite a change.

All my demo and lab environments have been on my ESXi hosts.

For Engage I built a brand new Windows based lab and I am adding Linux to it for DNUG next month.

It was still quite odd to present just with one screen and everything on one machine.

The new demo environment is part of my "universe" where all servers have the names of planets. It is growing and I now looking into moons .. In the background you see Pluto -- my admin server.

All my three presentations at DNUG will be about brand new functionality introduced or enhanced in Domino 12.0.2.

This includes live demos and Q&A. I am really looking forward to DNUG conference!

HCL Hands-On Workshops

There will be also interesting hands-on workshops from HCL about Domino on K8s and also Sametime on K8s.
The Domino workshop leverages our Docker community image, which we moved a while ago to HCL.

See the documentation page for details -->
The workshop material is awesome and you should not miss it, if you are around!

Image:Challenge - Preparing again for live presentations -- Next stop: DNUG



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