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Daniel Nashed

CentOS Stream uses "epel-next-release"

Daniel Nashed – 14 September 2021 05:35:05

This morning my servers installed "epel-next-release".
There is a link describing all the details and it also comes with an FAQ.

See details here:
But let me quote the most important details for administrators below.

First of all you don't need to really care about this change. It will all work automatically and makes sure all packages still
work for CentOS Stream and those changes are in preparation for the next minor version update for RHEL.
But the details are interesting to read and show some background how RedHat is handling it.

This isn't a CentOS Stream only repository and it will help to ensure packages are compatible.
It will be used only for a few packages. Just in case you are wondering, here are the details.

-- Daniel


EPEL packages are built against RHEL.
EPEL Next is an additional repository that allows package maintainers to alternatively build against CentOS Stream.
This is sometimes necessary when CentOS Stream contains an upcoming RHEL library rebase, or if an EPEL package has
a minimum version build requirement that is already in CentOS Stream but not yet in RHEL.


Due to the strong compatibility guarantees of RHEL, most EPEL packages built against RHEL install just fine on CentOS Stream.


"Next" correctly describes the purpose of the repository, which is providing packages compatible with the next minor release of RHEL.


EPEL Next is bound by the same guidelines and policies as regular EPEL. If a version upgrade is inappropriate for EPEL, it’s inappropriate for EPEL Next.




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