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Daniel Nashed


CD to MIME Conversion Issue in 9.0.1 FP7 generating Javascript for sections

Daniel Nashed  10 October 2016 09:41:42
We ran into an issue at a customer on Friday. Today we got the confirmation that it is a bug and development is already looking into this.
It looks like a low level issue when converting Richtext into MIME in mails on server side.

In my test I have seen than probably all server based conversions are affected. Clients sending MIME message directly do not show this issue (and that should be the default in hopefully most companies so it hopefully is not an issue for your users).

When the server converts a message to MIME JavaScript is generated for collapsible sections (for example when you reply to a mail in Notes style and your client prefers richtext when sending internet mail).

There have been some changes in the conversion code in fixpack 7 which might have caused this unintended change.

We have seen this when mails are converted by the mail-router and also 3rd party applications that convert messages.

The SPR we got from support todays show it also impacts POP3 and IMAP.

The critical part of the issue is that Javascript in mail is rated as active content by many antivirus/spam software. This can lead to rejected mails and even negative score for the sending servers.

The only work-around is to ensure your clients are sending MIME directly and don't use the option to send richtext to internet recipients.

Format for messages addressed to internet addresses: Notes Rich Text Format -> MIME Format
You can ensure clients use that setting by pushing the setting via desktop policy. In our case the initial value was set correctly but the setting was not enforced and users changed it.
But this can also occur with agents sending messages in richtext -- For example with newsletters etc..

-- Daniel

Reply Section Or Twistie In A Cd-mime Conversion Is Converted Incorrectly In Fixpack 7

With a location doc which specifies to send to the server in
Format for messages addressed to internet addresses: Notes Rich Text

Send a typicall reply chain memo to 9.0.1 Domino FP6 for conversion either external or to a POP or IMAP user who has a
Prefers Mime on their location doc and it will be noticed that after upgrading Domino to FP7 the arrows are missing and the
format looks not quite right, the arrows are replaced by javascript links in the received note



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