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Daniel Nashed


Catalog default limit for processed databases around 6000 databases

Daniel Nashed  24 September 2009 12:19:00

We ran into this at a customer this week with a brand new server on 8.5 FP1. The catalog stopped processing databases around 6000 databases without logging any error message (that limit might differ depending on the length of database names. ) .
In earlier releases the customer got an error message about insufficient memory. No the catalog silently stops without any error.

Surprisingly the default limit for the catalog memory is still 1 MB and can be increased up to 200 MB via CATALOG_POOL_SIZE_MB=n (see for details).
I would have expected that the default would be around 20 or 50 MB for Domino 8.5 but the limit is still 1 MB.

IMHO it would make sense that the limit should be increased. Meanwhile setting CATALOG_POOL_SIZE_MB=50 is a best practice from my point of view for larger servers.
The memory is only allocated while the task is running and the catalog only allocates the memory that is needed anyway (we have traced this by taking memory dumps).

-- Daniel



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