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Daniel Nashed


C API call out results in server crash or returns corrupt data on 64-bit Domino 8.5.3 Fix Pack 3

Daniel Nashed  12 February 2013 11:41:28

We ran into this regression at a customer and it turned out that there have been some issues with calling C-API from Lotus Script in native Domino 64bit before.
The fixes introduced some new issues that caused servers to crash. In our case with a abnormal process termination which did not result in a NSD containing a meaningful call-stack.

So if you are running Domino 64 on Windows and you are calling C-API from Lotus Script you should take care about those fixes mentioned in this new technote.
The problem occurs when you pass structures to a C-API call. On the other side there are fixes in 8.5.3 FP3 which correct parameter processing when passing pointers.
You should be aware that pointers that you pass and that are returned are 64bit. Therefore you need a "double" instead of a "long" variable.
This does not affect parameters that you pass by reference. You need it for passing a pointer itself.

We got a hotfix for FP3 and DEV is trying to get the fix into the next fixpack and also 8.5.4 + 9.0.

-- Daniel

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