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Daniel Nashed


Birthdays and Anniversaries are one day off via Active Sync on Traveler

Daniel Nashed  24 August 2010 16:34:13

We ran into this a couple of days ago and I got this confirmed as a defect. But I don't have a SPR number.
This issues still occurs in Traveler 8.5.2 released today. I have not tested 8.5.1 because we are running the code drops for testing for a while.
Maybe someone can test and report back?

The problem did only occur on the iPhone not on the iPad as far I have tested.

What happens is if you modify a contact on your iPhone and get it synced back to your contacts in Notes Birthdays and Anniversaries are one day earlier.
I have not tested different time zones and it might not affect all devices. I have tested iOS 3.1.3 and the current iOS 4.0.x releases.
Pretty bad because you don't notice it before you call a friend one day earlier than his birthday :-(

The issue occurs what ever you change on the contact on the iPhone. Any change will trigger this behaviour.
There is no work-around that I am aware of. So you should avoid updating your contacts on the iPhone if you have birthdays and anniversaries added to your contacts.

I will post again once I hear any news.

-- Daniel



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