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Daniel Nashed


    Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Daniel Nashed  12 September 2009 14:48:13

    There is still no out of the box way to display birthdays in person documents in your calendar.
    I built a calendar view in my local names.nsf and use it as an application calendar.

    There is no detailed information in the designer help (just very basic) of how a view should look like to work as a complete calendar view.
    So I took an existing calendar view from the mail template and modified it to show birthdays in a calendar view.

    You can simply add the view into your pernames.ntf or names.nsf and add the view to your calendar like this.

    After adding the calendar you can enable and disable it

    Here is how it looks like in my calendar

    I hope the view works for you. Let me know what ideas this brings this to.

    -- Daniel


    1Detlev Poettgen  14.09.2009 18:46:42  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Daniel, you are a genius...

    Great, thank you

    2Dietmar Dumke  23.09.2009 21:37:19  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Nice idea.

    Btw. just another more reason (for IBM/Lotus) to finally move the Contacts from local names.nsf to the mail file (and then leave them there forever). Would it make much easier to do your approach simply through mail template customization. Until IBM/Lotus does that, one could (since R8.5) use the Contacts Sync on the Replicator page to have the contacts available in the mail file. Often the Contacts Sync already is enabled, just to sync personal contacts into the Blackberry via mail server, or for iNotes.

    This way you only need to modify the server mail template which is a huge advantage compared to modify all the personal addressbooks locally on the clients.

    3Mike Perrett  27.11.2009 15:41:33  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    I must try this out, I have historically used a scheduled local agent that ran every Friday morning.

    This would cycle though local names.nsf looking for birthdays and/or anniversaries occuring in the next 3 weeks.

    It would then put that information into an email and send it to me, that way I'd always get a 3 week countdown to birthdays.

    Only problem with this is remembering to copy the agent into successive versions of the database.

    I'm with you Dietmar, the names.nsf should be reduced to a configuration only database allowing full portability of all personal data via the mail file, it would be far more flexible.

    With mobile solutions like Traveler and BES synching between themselves and the mail file, there is no reason for the extra hop to expose data at the client.

    4Wolfgang Frey  03.12.2009 13:34:45  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Hello Daniel,

    thanks for sharing this tip.

    Using this approach works fine, however I encountered the following problem a person whose birthday is on January 12th is actually displayed on December 1st. - so it seems day and month is somehow mixed up.

    Interestingly other birthdays where the day is beyond 12 like Nov 13th is shown correctly.

    Any hint or tip on how this can be fixed?

    with friendly regards


    5Gerrit Schut  19.02.2010 7:26:03  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    To make the view work properly for me, I've changed the selection formula a little bit:

    from: Birthday != ""

    to: @Text( Birthday ) != ""

    As the Birthday field is suppose to be date field. After that, only the contacts with a real birthday in that field where showing the view (as it was intended)

    6Fabian  19.05.2011 9:52:17  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Hm, I copied the view and can see the documents in the Designer. But if I add it to my calendar, it displays nothing. Seems like it doesn't work with Notes 8.5.2 :-(

    Any tips for me?

    Thank you


    7Jeremy Brazill  07.06.2011 15:26:26  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    I'm having the same problem as Fabian. Also running 8.5.2!

    Any ideas?



    8Thomas Guhl  20.01.2012 8:16:40  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Great idea,

    but I have still a small problem. When I have a contact with birthday for example 03.11. it is shown correctly in the Lotus Notes calendar. But in the iPhone calendar it is 02.11.

    Any ideas?



    9Frieder Meidert  02.02.2012 2:41:17  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    I am very sorry, but I still have a problem to create a proper view out of my names.nsf. Could anyone send a short explanation how to design this view?

    Many thanks in advance for all your efforts!

    10Christian Barthen  06.02.2012 16:26:43  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    I am facing the same issue - after chossing names.nsf I am not able to select a calendar view. Using Notes 8.5.3

    Would be great to get an idea how to solve it...



    11Philson  15.03.2012 17:00:27  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Sounds great, but i'm also struggling with

    "You can simply add the view into your pernames.ntf or names.nsf".

    Could someone please explain this step.

    Thanks and kind regards

    12Cornelius  23.08.2012 8:01:17  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Does ist work with Release 8.5.1 FP4

    Please give me a info

    13Michael Voss  22.05.2013 13:17:07  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars


    I have Notes 8.5.3 FP4. But it was necessary to open the database nshPernamesBirthdayView.nsf from link above in Domino Designer and copy the view ($nshBirthdayView) into your views in your own names.nsf.

    14Philipp Reckow  18.09.2013 15:13:13  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Works great, nice feature, thanks a lot for this!

    15Viktor Dexheimer  10.02.2017 10:50:58  Birthday Calendar via Federated Calendars

    Vielen Dank! Genial, passt perfekt!!!

    16Ulf Duvigneau  27.04.2022 9:48:39  Kontakt Geburtstage als Federated Calendar

    Moin Daniel,

    auch 13 Jahre später in Notes 12.01 immer noch cool!

    Hier wäre eine ähnliche Fuktion zum Voten:

    LG Dein Ulf



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