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Daniel Nashed


Apple Device Version Numbers and iOS Version

Daniel Nashed  2 July 2010 10:10:46

In the comments of my last Traveler posting Bhavesh asked me for a way to figure out the OS version of an Apple device when still running on an earlier Traveler version.
Traveler only knows the codes for iOS releases which are available when that particular Traveler release shipped.
In some of the earlier 8.5.2 beta builds iOS4 is also not mapped. But you can figure out from the Apple codes what iOS you are running.

There is an internal code and a code that is used in the User-Agent. Traveler uses the code in the user agent to map it to the iOS version.

So even your Traveler Server might not know about the latest code, you can see from the codes what iOS version an user is running.

In general User Agent codes of 500s are OS 2, 700s are OS 3, and 800s are OS 4

Bhavesh looked into his Traveler server and checked the User Agent codes and matched them with iOS release and the internal code.
Here is a quick list he created based on his findings.

-- Daniel

iOSApple CodeUser Agent
iPad 3.27B367702.367



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