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Daniel Nashed


Agent Manager Retry on Compact

Daniel Nashed  10 October 2011 14:12:59

There is a new setting starting with 8.5.3 and 8.5.2 FP3 to retry to run an agent after the agent has been blocked out thru a compact previously.
I would have expected that this behavior would be the new default and a notes.ini setting would switch back to the previous behavior.
But IBM decided to not make it the current default -- this might change in future after a discussion we had with IBM.
For now you have to enable it via notes.ini DEBUG_AMGR_ENABLE_RETRY_ON_COMPACT.

-- Daniel

-- snip --
SPR# KMUR63DF3V - Fix introduces an ini DEBUG_AMGR_ENABLE_RETRY_ON_COMPACT to allow an agent to run on a time interval once database compact is complete. Previously when a database was being compacted and an attempt was made to load a scheduled agent it would fail and the agent would be marked to not run again unless the user restarted the agent manager or the agent cache refreshed. This fix introduces a notes.ini variable to allow the agent in question to be retried on it's subsequent time interval.
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1Tinus Riyanto  10.10.2011 23:11:12  Agent Manager Retry on Compact

The technote mention that the agent would be retried on it's subsequent time interval. I assume that would mean the next time it is scheduled to run ? If I remember correctly Agent Manager cache is refreshed daily by default, right ?

2Daniel Nashed  11.10.2011 5:44:10  Agent Manager Retry on Compact

yes this is exactly how I understood it. without the setting it would run again after restart of Amgr or after the nightly refresh. With the setting it would try again at the same schedule.

That's why I don't understand that the default for this setting is off. I don't see a performance hit.

-- Daniel

3Tinus Riyanto  11.10.2011 23:39:11  Agent Manager Retry on Compact

Ah, in that case this setting would only be useful for agents that is scheduled to run more than once per day. For daily or more scheduled agent, Agent Manager cache refresh would have kicked in before the next schedule.



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