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Agent Manager Retry on Compact

Daniel Nashed  10 October 2011 14:12:59

There is a new setting starting with 8.5.3 and 8.5.2 FP3 to retry to run an agent after the agent has been blocked out thru a compact previously.
I would have expected that this behavior would be the new default and a notes.ini setting would switch back to the previous behavior.
But IBM decided to not make it the current default -- this might change in future after a discussion we had with IBM.
For now you have to enable it via notes.ini DEBUG_AMGR_ENABLE_RETRY_ON_COMPACT.

-- Daniel

-- snip --
SPR# KMUR63DF3V - Fix introduces an ini DEBUG_AMGR_ENABLE_RETRY_ON_COMPACT to allow an agent to run on a time interval once database compact is complete. Previously when a database was being compacted and an attempt was made to load a scheduled agent it would fail and the agent would be marked to not run again unless the user restarted the agent manager or the agent cache refreshed. This fix introduces a notes.ini variable to allow the agent in question to be retried on it's subsequent time interval.
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