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Daniel Nashed


    Notes 10.0.1 G1 NL kits slipstream are on the way

    Daniel Nashed  2 April 2019 22:36:38

    As many of you know the G1 Language Kits have been pulled back and had more issues than just the missing ShortCuts.

    It took a while to get those addressed. And I know first hand how much work HCL spent getting those addressed.

    The move from a global team in IBM being responsible to a new team in HCL had more challenges than expected.
    But as I mentioned in my last post, I am very confident that it is getting much better in the next versions. And we will get at least the G1 languages shipped immediately with the GA version of Notes 11.

    The new versions of the G1 kits will work properly with FP1. And in case you have installed the previous version, you should completely reinstall the client!

    There is a brand new technote describing an issue when upgrading the first shipped version-->

    I am interested in your feedback once the new version is available. Either by comment or direct mail

    We are all waiting for the G1 versions for client deployments.

    And my friend Christoph Adler is waiting for it as well for his DNUG client workshop next week -->
    The workshop will cover up to date information about the Notes client and the new free Marvel Client essentials and the free upgrade tool to Notes 10.

    -- Daniel



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