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Daniel Nashed


Windows Sandbox customization -- this is freaking awesome!

Daniel Nashed  27 January 2023 13:20:50

As I know I love the Microsoft Sandbox and I am using it for many different purposes.

Today I was researching a name resolution problem and coincidently ran into this Windows Sandbox configuration document.

There are some very convenient pieces you can tune.

If you are using the Sandbox for security reasons, you might want to disable copy & paste.

But even more interesting is to map directories from your host to the sandbox.
This can be read-only or read/write and is much faster and convenient than copying over all the installers on every setup.

Another very usefully option is a command you can run when the sandbox starts.

I just created a configuration and setup to automatically install and configure ad complete Domino server leveraging Domino One Touch Setup including the JSON templating we added to the Linux container image earlier.

To customize the Sandbox you just create a file with the extension .wsb and launch it.

You can only have one Sandbox at a time. But you can run multiple configurations ...

Here is my current sandbox.wsb file

Image:Windows Sandbox customization -- this is freaking awesome!

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