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Daniel Nashed


Windows Sandbox - A feature you should know

Daniel Nashed  23 January 2023 02:09:37

The sandbox can be a very useful tool for many different situations.
I am often using it for Domino server or client install tests.

But there are many other use cases including training environments etc.

It's a full throw away sandbox environment recreated every time you start it.

The only limitation is that you can't reboot the Windows for example after a software update.

But even installing the Windows re-distributable run-time package does not require a boot.
Most applications like Notes/Domino install it on their own.

I needed it to test my own applications. But there is an easy way to download and silent install it:

curl -LO
vc_redist.x64.exe /quiet

Also installing software client the AWS CLI can be automated:

msiexec.exe /i /qn

Once you are done just close the Window, the sandbox is reset and you can start from scratch.

I am using the Sandbox all the time, but I got a surprised thank you from others mentioning it.

In case you don't know it, this is definitively a Windows feature to look at.

Update 24.01/2023:

As Lars pointed out a new version of Windows 11 has support for restarts from inside the sandbox.
I read about it in a Windows blog comment without details. Thanks Lars!

Here is the link Lars shared in a comment:

The functionality is available starting with  Windows 11 Build 22509.

My other notebook is on Win11 22H2 (a later build).
Just tested it by adding some files and restarted from inside the sandbox. Works like a charm.

-- Daniel

Image:Windows Sandbox - A feature you should know

Image:Windows Sandbox - A feature you should know        


1Lars Berntrop-Bos  23.01.2023 13:28:03  Windows Sandbox - A feature you should know

learn more at

it seems a recent Windows 11 could do a restart.

2Daniel Nashed  24.01.2023 9:25:15  Windows Sandbox - A feature you should know


thanks for the link! I read a comment about it, but I did not find how it acutally works.

So just restarting inside the environment should do the trick if on the right version.

Sadly my primary notebook cannot be updated to Win11 .. Different story ...

But I have a Suface Pro running Win11 .. I will give it a try.

I love the sandbox! it is so helpful. for a workshop I cannot assume participants have the latest windows version.

But Notes and Domino both don't require a restart in this environment at least..

3Steven Elwell  07.02.2023 0:01:12  Windows Sandbox - A feature you should know

Shame they took away Wordpad and Paint from the sandbox.

You can't even install it from the Microsoft store without a Live login.

Was very useful for checking suspect email attachments.



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