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Daniel Nashed


Welcome to my new blog...

Daniel Nashed  14 December 2008 21:46:19

Geetings Geeks,

I am finally starting my blog... I am still wondering what to blog about but I think my focus will be C-API, Domino Server Infrastruture, Troubleshooting, Performance and once in a while some fun stuff ...



1Bob Balaban  15.12.2008 12:30:18  Welcome to my new blog...

Welcome, Daniel!

Many of us have been waiting for you to start a blog for many years!

2Sean Cull  15.12.2008 13:18:22  Welcome to my new blog...

Hello Daniel,

I has been great reading your knowledgeable content on the Partner Forum, so I am really looking forward to following your blog, Sean

3Ed Brill  15.12.2008 14:12:32  Welcome to my new blog...

Welcome, Daniel! Please add your blog to

4Jason Hook  15.12.2008 14:20:15  Welcome to my new blog...

Fantastic news! I'm really looking forward to reading your future posts, glad you've decided to start blogging :-)

5Mary Beth Raven  15.12.2008 14:58:48  Welcome to my new blog...

Hooray! Glad you are finally joining us Daniel!

6Richard Schwartz  15.12.2008 16:33:08  Welcome to my new blog...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Daniel! And like Ed says: please be sure to add your blog to PlanetLotus.

7Chris Toohey  15.12.2008 22:10:38  Welcome to my new blog...

Welcome aboard, Daniel!

8Vladislav Tatarincev  15.12.2008 22:56:54  Welcome to my new blog...

Welcome to the CLUB :)

9Harvey Pope  16.12.2008 15:04:01  Welcome to my new blog...

following your blog is going to be a "must" for me. Thank you!

10Felix Binsack  17.12.2008 0:04:30  Welcome to my new blog...

Hello Daniel,

congratulations to your move to blog. You really have to say someting. And I hope many people will listen. No, I am sure, many people will listen.

11Edwin Kanis  22.12.2008 23:04:52  Welcome to my new blog...

Whoehoo, we love to see some of your thoughts Daniel. Welcome to bloggers world :-)

12Ravindra Yadav  14.06.2019 13:03:29  Mail Notification on Vmware Boxer Client

Hi Daniel,

I love to ready your blog related to IBM Domino.

We are facing issues with real time mail notification in Boxer email client which is vmware product. Mail notification is not working for ibm lotus notes users only.

Need your suggestion if it is feasible.

13Daniel Nashed  14.06.2019 14:40:58  Mail Notification on Vmware Boxer Client

@Ravindra, Boxer isn't a fully compliant client for Traveler today.

To have push notifications working they would need to implement 3rd party push notification support for Traveler.

Today the only client I am aware of with Traveler support including 3rd party push and encryption is SecurePIM from Virtual Solution.

They implemented the 3rd party push which can be enabled on the Traveler server if the app supports it.

This is iOS only over APNS and this requires a valid application certificate that fits to the application.

From that I understood VMware is looking into a solution.

-- Daniel



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