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Daniel Nashed


VMware Workstation Drag and Drop Files

Daniel Nashed  4 November 2010 09:28:49

Today at a customer I learned something new. When you run VMware workstation you don't need a share to copy files.
Just open the explorer on the guest machine and drag the files from your local machine.
Worked fine for my current VMware workstation 7.1.2. Host OS is Win7 64bit and guest is running Win XP SP3 with the current VMware tools.

I always mapped drives or created a VMware share. This is a lot easier and quicker.

Thanks Rainer for this tip!

-- Daniel

1Christian Henseler  04.11.2010 11:59:10  VMware Workstation Drag and Drop Files

Watch your %TEMP%\VmwareDND directory if you use Drag & Drop.

All files ever transferred using D & D will be "cached" here.

Should be deleted periodically.

2Daniel Nashed  06.11.2010 20:01:44  VMware Workstation Drag and Drop Files

does not happen in my version. I have done multiple tests and there is no directory with that name nor the temp directory increases in size.

Maybe they improved it in current versions :-)

3Christian Henseler  07.11.2010 8:15:37  VMware Workstation Drag and Drop Files

Strange, using Workstation 7.1.2, too.

And the docu is with me:

{ Link }

Lucky guy, it's pretty annoying.

4Daniel Nashed  25.11.2010 5:26:39  VMware Workstation Drag and Drop Files

oh also happens to me. you said "watch your %TEMP%\VmwareDND".

so I assumed this is a host directory... but the directory is located in the temp of the guest on each guest.

makes more sense to me now that it is cached than if it would have been cached on my host OS.

-- Daniel



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