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Daniel Nashed


    VMware Habor Registry for Images and Helm Charts

    Daniel Nashed  1 May 2021 10:31:30

    Now you see me impressed and I have to give huge credit and respect to VMware.
    All the material VMware has in their GitHug repository really looks great and has great documentation.
    They use their own software for everything. All the underlaying software like NGINX is build by them on their Photon OS.
    All managed in open source projects ...

    References and entry points

    I setup the registry on Docker with a very simple small downloaded script which checked all the version info for Docker and Docker Compose. And there is one simple YAML file to configure.
    I only had to add a proper certificate for the NIGINX which they also took care of (I took my Let's Encrypt wildcard created with Domino V12 CertMgr).

    After 5 minutes I had my working server. But they also offer a full functional demo account.

    Proxy Registry

    The registry also provides easy to setup proxy functionality.
    Some of the configurations are already build-in. I tested the connection to the Docker Hub registry.
    In earlier days for the first hands on workshop I had to setup once for us by hand. Now it is just a couple of clicks away.

    If you are looking for free a registry for Images and Helm Charts, you should seriously consider it.
    I will probably replace my Docker registry:2 with my own NGINX configuration very soon.

    Demo Server -->

    Info for demo server -- >

    Image:VMware Habor Registry for Images and Helm Charts

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