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Daniel Nashed


Very old memories: Lotus Connector Classes in C-API

Daniel Nashed  27 August 2020 18:16:49
I just realized that I have been a freak most of my professional life -- LOL. Talking with another developer we ran into old LEI stories.
"LEI", "IEI" and now "HEI" has been around for a very long time and is still really powerful.

The back-end is part of Domino and you can use the LC classes in Lotus Script.
Not sure if the documentation database is still around. I still have it on my help tab.

It was always cross platform like all "Lotus" products and connected to all databases in early days.
The software came from Edge Research and was way ahead of time.
It included also powerful conversion for all type of char sets like EBCDIC.

Around 1999 I needed a very fast sync solution for our in-house applications and wrote a native C-API application leveraging the underlying LC API.
That API wasn't really documented for application development, but I somehow figured it out from the LC connectors guide -- intended to develop your own connectors.

It has been a while! The product is still around and as powerful as it always was. Even we have other standards like JDBC.

-- Daniel

Image:Very old memories: Lotus Connector Classes in C-API
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