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Daniel Nashed


Using mobile optimzed websites in Sidebar

Daniel Nashed  2 November 2009 20:46:49

Today I looked into some nice demos what to show customers about Widgets and had an little idea ...
There are many services I am using on my phone. Some are a native app but others are an optimized website which in some cases works really great in the sidebar. Here is a nice example.

-- Daniel

here is another example for the start with a much smaller sidebar (it's optimized to float).


1Christian Henseler  03.11.2009 15:33:55  Using mobile optimzed websites in Sidebar

Nice little tip to use the Web URL that are optimized for mobile use for the sidebar :-)

I was wondering which URL you've used for the demo, I think it was

2Daniel Nashed  04.11.2009 7:18:09  Using mobile optimzed websites in Sidebar

@Christian, yes I am using and have also others configured like and

There are many other mobile optimized applications and I am still testing. For normal examples I am currently also looking into Google translation services (actually for a customer who needs CRM content translation from German to English) and others.

-- Daniel

3Miguel Angel Calvo  04.11.2009 11:35:22  Using mobile optimzed websites in Sidebar

I've found this also interesting

{ Link }

4Juergen  04.11.2009 19:59:26  Using mobile optimzed websites in Sidebar

Actually I'm more interested in how to get Skype into the sidebar :-)

5Michael Gollmick  05.11.2009 0:02:09  Using mobile optimzed websites in Sidebar

This is a plugin I started because I did not want to open two windows at the same time. But it is still under heavy development.

6Mike Perrett  05.11.2009 13:14:08  Using mobile optimzed websites in Sidebar

Has anyone got any tips for displaying part of the page in the sidebar and part in a new window.

As an example, I've added { Link } to the sidebar as a panel (This is a UK Directory Site).

Lets say I want to search for Italian Restaurants in London.

When I hit the "Find" button on the form, I'd like the results to show in a new Window in the Lotus Notes client, rather than squashing everything up in the sidebar.

Nevertheless its quite useful for things like facebook.



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