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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS - Noble Numbat - A first look

Daniel Nashed  19 April 2024 16:41:12
Image:Ubuntu 24.04 LTS - Noble Numbat - A first look

Kernel  : 6.8.0-22

glibc   : 2.39

OpenSSL : 3.0.13 30 Jan 2024

Curl    : libcurl/8.5.0 2023-12-06

NGINX   : nginx/1.24.0

OpenZFS : zfs-2.2.2

The new Ubuntu long term release is about to be available next week while we are at Engage.
A customer asked about Ubuntu LTS versions today and I noticed it is about to be released.

The release notes are already public
There is also a container image on Docker Hub ( ubuntu:24.04) and there is a daily ISO image available.

I took a quick look and addressed two smaller but fatal issues:
  • Domino start script not detecting systemd
  • Domino Container failed because Canonical added the "ubuntu" user as 1000:1000 in the container --> I needed to move their user to 1001:1001

Beside that Domino runs on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. But is not officially supported.
The kernel version is too new and has not been tested by HCL. We can expect HCL to look into 6.x kernels for supporting the next SUSE Enterprise service pack. But right now it is untested !!

I can't advice you to run Domino on Ubuntu 24.04 at this point. I would stay with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS until 22.04.1 and a statement from HCL!
There is no need to move right now. And you can in place migrate to newer versions later for server you install today.

Let's discuss at Engage next week at the Linux round table

That statement is not true for early adopters who want to test it out and provide feedback.
For me it is essential to be ahead of the curve and solve problems early on before others hit them.
And for sure this would be a good discussion topic for the Linux session at Engage next week...

I hope to see many of you there!

-- Daniel

Test Results from a container build on a Ubuntu 24.04 LTS host with the matching container image

"testResults": {

  "harness": "DominoCommunityImage",

  "suite": "Regression",

  "testClient": "testing.notes.lab",

  "testServer": "testing.notes.lab",

  "platform": "Ubuntu Noble Numbat (development branch)",

  "platformVersion": "24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)",

  "hostVersion": "24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)",

  "hostPlatform": "Ubuntu Noble Numbat (development branch)",

  "testBuild": "14.0FP1",

  "imageSize": "3854944019",

  "containerPlatform": "docker",

  "containerPlatformVersion": "24.0.7",

  "kernelVersion": "6.8.0-22-generic",

  "kernelBuildTime": "#22-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Thu Apr  4 22:30:32 UTC 2024",

  "glibcVersion": "2.39",

  "timezone": "Etc/UTC",

  "javaVersion": "17.0.10 2024-01-16",

  "tikaVersion": "2.9.2",

  "dominoAddons": "ontime=11.1.1,languagepackÞ,verse=3.2.1if1,nomad=1.0.11-14.0,traveler=14.0,domrestapi=1.0.11-14,capi=14.0,leap=1.1.3",

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