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Daniel Nashed


Troubleshooting Domino Let’s Encrypt/ACME HTTP-01 challenges

Daniel Nashed  27 September 2021 05:39:20

CertMgr ACME challenges to confirm a web-server identity require an inbound HTTP connection on port 80 on a server pointing to the DNS entry of the server requesting a new certificate.
Surprisingly this causes a lot of issues. So I added a troubleshooting document to the GitHub project -->

You can store a test challenge in certstore.nsf which can be queried with a browser, curl and other tools for troubleshooting.

The document describes the requirements in detail and provides troubleshooting tips.

In case you are running into issues with ACME HTTP-01 challenges you should take a look into this document before calling HCL support or asking your local business partner!

-- Daniel


1Kevin Johnston  27.09.2021 14:56:58  Troubleshooting Domino Let’s Encrypt/ACME HTTP-01 challenges

I initially had some issue with this process but after some expert guidance it became clear that I had made some poor choices in the initial setup of Domino many years ago (just because you CAN do something doesn't make it a good idea).

Having checked through the server log it became clear that a lot of the issues had left clues that I had ignored as on the whole the servers worked. My biggest failure was not noticing that HTTP started but then after a few minutes it stopped which meant the challenge could not work.

End result was a much more logical structure to the whole Domino setup and all the work I have done since has gone by the book.



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