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Daniel Nashed


Traveler Workshop

Daniel Nashed  29 November 2010 06:51:00

As many of you know, Detlev Pöttgen and myself are working with Traveler for quite a while. Both have spoken at a couple of events about Traveler and are both quite active in the beta community.
We have a bit different focus looking into Traveler and the different devices and found out that we can complement each other in this space.

Therefore we decided to team up and bundle our resources in the Traveler and mobile device area.
My focus is more in the infrastructure area and Detlev is looking into the deepest levels of device management.

We are dealing with all mobile devices supported by Traveler including the upcoming Android.
But because most customers are interested in iPhones and iPads we are currently focusing our efforts mostly in this area.

To begin with we have decided to build a one day work-shop focusing on Traveler infrastructure (including the various security aspects) and Apple Devices including all the management around those devices (out of the box and with management options like "over-the-air" deployment). The workshop will cover all the details you will need to know to start and to figure out what you need in the device management area.

Currently we have planned the following work-shops in Germany

15.12.2010 - Hagen
12.01.2011 - Frankfurt
13.01.2011 - Hagen
19.01.2011 - Berlin

But we are also available for customer specific workshops covering additional devices and looking into Traveler directly for the needs of your organisation.

Here is a link --> for workshop we are currently planning in Germany.
If you have any questions feel free to contact Detlev or me here or via mail.

-- Daniel


1Ulrich Krause  29.11.2010 14:44:15  Traveler Workshop

Gute Idee, Daniel. Viel Erfolg!

2Oliver Scheller  25.01.2011 8:57:58  Traveler Workshop

Super Workshop und viele sehr interessante Informationen - der Tag war eigentlich viel zu schnell zu Ende ;-)



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