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Daniel Nashed


Traveler Workshop Round 2

Daniel Nashed  24 May 2011 19:54:32

We (Nash!Com and midpoints) have planned another round of Traveler Workshop. The first round of workshops was a great success and we had interesting customer feedback.

Because most customers are interested in iPhones and iPads we are currently focusing our efforts mostly in this area. But we will also cover the new Android devices.

The one day work-shop is focusing on Traveler infrastructure (including the various security aspects) and Apple Devices including all the management around those devices (out of the box and with management options like "over-the-air" deployment). The workshop will cover all the details you will need to know to start and to figure out what you need in the device management area.

We have planned the following new round of work-shops in Germany

08.06.11 - Hagen
22.06.11 - Hamburg
23.06.11 - Berlin
28.06.11 - M√ľnchen
29.06.11 - Stuttgart
14.09.11 - Fulda

But we are also available for customer specific workshops covering additional devices and looking into Traveler directly for the needs of your organisation.

Here is a link --> for workshop we are currently planning in Germany.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me via mail.

-- Daniel
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