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Daniel Nashed


Traveler for Android releases in

Daniel Nashed  16 December 2010 14:49:42

Since Tuesday the gold version of Lotus Traveler has been released.
As a design partner I had the chance to work already with the beta release and we had some interesting discussions.

IMHO even Android 2.2 is not yet read for business users but there is already sufficient demand in the business to look into Android devices from the business side.
Starting with version 2.2 the OS supports to enforce passwords and password quality, remote wipe and some other features but it is still hard to manage the device remotely.
IBM implemented the important security options available in Android 2.2 which are quite comparable to what Apple currently supports via ActiveSync.

The implementation of the Android client is a bit different than on Win Mobile and also Nokia S60.
In contrast to those devices the Android "standard" does not ship a standardized mail application (e.g. HTC does something different than Samsung etc).
So IBM decided to implement their own mail application and also calendar application.
You will see two separate icons on top of the traveler app (sync), Lotus Mobile Installer (LMI) and the lookup application.

IMHO the client is well done for a first release and works great already. If you have an Android device you should give it a try.

The best starting point for Android and Traveler is this wiki document

Lotus Traveler is mainly a Android shipment but there is also a new build of the Traveler task included which is a requirement for running the Anroid client.
And there are also a couple of minor bug fixes in this release. So even if you do not plan to use Android you should update to this release. It's a full release which includes all local language versions.

The download for the new release was one day earlier than the documentation update. But now everything is in place.

-- Daniel
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