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Daniel Nashed


Traveler shipped

Daniel Nashed  29 April 2015 08:42:56

IBM has released the Traveler which fixes the reported crash issue with MIME conversions mentioned earlier -->
If you are on you should update asap.

There are a couple of other important fixes included -- see below.

Already installed, thanks Sebastian for the heads up!

-- Daniel
Release Date Component Build Level Documentation
April 29, 2015 Server 201504201605_20 IBM Traveler Release Notes
IBM Traveler Product Documentation
Android Client 201504141229

APAR # Component Abstract
LO84142 Android Delay in displaying name lookup results from compose dialog.
LO84220 Server Change default for number of corporate lookup results from 30 to 120 results.
LO84239 Android Search e-mail on Android Tablet may display results from wrong e-mail.
LO84410 Server Incorrect language used when processing multiple calendar notices.
LO84334 Server Decline notice from device is not compatible with Exchange Server.
LO84316 Android Android client crash on old 2.x OS devices.
LO84411 Server Mime format calendar entries may not display special characters correctly.
LO84490 Android Send mail gets stuck in Outbox if the user is over quota.
LO84505 Server Server may crash processing a Mime document with invalid format.
LO84520 Android Imported calendars on Android device may not update unless there is Traveler Calendar update.
LO84555 Server Server busy message sent to the device may be misleading as to cause.
LO84568 Server Pre-approval and delete API may fail if orphan records encountered.
LO84569 Server Server performance issue related to HTTP getStatus request.
LO84597 Server E-mail using Delivery failure form may not sync full body to mobile device.
LO84660 Server Plain text conversion is adding extra space for div html tag.
LO84662 Server Mime format document with both plain and html text may not sync the plain text to the mobile device.
LO84663 Server Android may stop syncing mail after encountering a malformed Mime format document.
LO84665 Server Embedded images with name mime.jpg will not sync to mobile device.
LO84684 Server Change to device security settings may not sync immediately to BB and Windows devices.
LO84686 Server User stops receiving mail for couple hours if all mail replicas restarted in close proximity.
LO84723 Server No invitee status displayed for meetings created from Android client.


1Rust  25.05.2015 6:53:44  Traveler shipped

Traveler not stable. Crashes on traveler task.

And cyrillic symbols displayed incorrect on android and iOS devices/

2Stefano Benassi  27.05.2015 8:35:26  Traveler shipped

@Rust: you should install 19th May release.

3Daniel Nashed  02.06.2015 8:46:47  Traveler shipped

There is a new Traveler version available. Can you try this one?



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