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Daniel Nashed


    Traveler Available - Verse iOS - Trash folder sync - Invitee status - Android push notifications

    Daniel Nashed  2 April 2015 10:22:10
    Traveler has shipped with a couple of interesting new features. And the what's new section does give you some interesting other hints.
    I have copied the what's new information to this document but want to give you some additional hints.

    We had many customer asking for Trash folder sync support. It was already included in a previous version but disabled by default -- apparently because they needed to do some more testing. Now it is enabled by default.

    The Google Cloud Messaging support (GCM) for Traveler Android clients can be very helpful to improve battery life because no active HTTP session is needed for push notifications.
    For GCM you need the following requirements:

    The IBM Traveler server will attempt to communicate with the Google Cloud Messaging service using host using port 443.   Make sure that your firewall allows this connection!!!

    For more details see -->

    The IBM Traveler server will not attempt to contact GCM until it has a reason to do so.  
    To verify that this connection is working, you should first connect an IBM Traveler for Android client from a device that is also logged in with a Google account.  

    On the Traveler server, run the command: tell traveler push cmstatus
    See details here -->

    Traveler does also support the new iOS Verse app which is currently in beta.

    The what's new section officially mentions it so I can officially speak about it.

    IBM Verse is available already but the iOS mobile client is not yet available.
    There will be a native iOS app that connects to IBM Verse and also to your Traveler servers.
    This Traveler version has official support for the Verse app.

    There is a site note that this is only supported when your Traveler server is running on top of Domino 9.0.1.
    I would always recommend to install the latest Traveler version along with the newest Domino release.
    Specially if you need TLS encryption you want to install the latest IF that introduced TLS 1.2 support for Domino.

    There are also a couple of additional fixes, list in the fixlist (see link at the end of the post)..

    You can download the latest updates using Fixcentral as usual.

    -- Daniel

    What's new in IBM Traveler

    IBM Traveler delivers the following new features for its supported devices.

    IBM Verse for iOS client support

    If you are part of the IBM Verse for Apple iOS program, you can connect the IBM Verse app to this version of the IBM Traveler server.
    There are some differences in functionality when the IBM Verse app connects to this on premises version of IBM Traveler versus when it connects to Connections Cloud.

    Trash folder syncing

    Support for the syncing of the Trash folder is now available in the client. However, it is dependent on the IBM Traveler server also providing this support. When the client is running against a server that supports Trash, a Trash folder will appear in IBM Traveler Mail. Deleted items will appear in the Trash folder and may be restored or permanently deleted from the Trash folder.

    Invitee status

    As the meeting organizer or chairperson, you now can see the response status for the attendees of your meeting on your mobile device.

    Google Cloud Messaging support for IBM Traveler for Android clients

    This version of the IBM Traveler server can now use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for real time push notifications to keep your Mail, Calendar, Contact and To Do data on your IBM Traveler for Android clients up to date. Using GCM can greatly improve the battery life of Android devices using IBM Traveler, as IBM Traveler no longer needs to stay constantly connected via HTTP to the IBM Traveler server for push notifications.

    For more information, refer to Google Cloud Messaging for IBM Traveler for Android clients and How do I configure automatic syncing on a Android device?.

    Expanded Domino server support

    This version of the IBM Traveler server can now be installed on 3 different base Domino servers:

        IBM Domino 8.5.3 with Upgrade Pack 1 installed (excluding IBM Traveler for iSeries)
        IBM Domino 9.0
        IBM Domino 9.0.1

    In the past, the IBM Traveler server could only have been installed on the latest Domino release. But now the IBM Traveler installer is able to detect which of the above Domino versions the IBM Traveler server is being installed onto, and install the appropriate binary files for that version. There are some limitations when running on a Domino 8.5.3 server versus a Domino 9.0.1, and the recommendation is to install the Traveler server on a Domino 9.0.1 server to gain access to the largest set of Traveler server features.

    IBM Traveler for iSeries must be installed on a Domino 9.0 or Domino 9.0.1 server.

    The IBM Verse client is only supported when Traveler is installed on a Domino 9.0 or Domino 9.0.1 server.
    Note: If you change the version of Domino server after installing the Traveler server, you must re-install Traveler again. All data will be preserved, but the re-install is required so that Traveler installs updated binary files that match the updated Domino server.


    What's new in IBM Traveler



    1Stuart  21.07.2015 5:56:26  Traveler Available - Verse iOS - Trash folder sync - Invitee status - Android push notifications

    Any idea how to disable Google Cloud Messaging on the server? My company won't allow this access through the firewall and it just fills my logs with errors.

    2Daniel Nashed  21.07.2015 15:30:50  Traveler Available - Verse iOS - Trash folder sync - Invitee status - Android push notifications

    try this:


    Default value is True

    If set to true, push messages can be sent to the IBM Traveler app for Android using Google's GCM server.



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