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Daniel Nashed


Traveler Released

Daniel Nashed  7 March 2018 21:57:53
There is a new Traveler Release posted today. I don't see many critical issues but some might affect you.
I have just updated my server right now.Looks good so far.

There is a change in the database schema, when you run Traveler HA with a state database on SQL server:

"Note for customers that manage their database schema: IBM Traveler includes a database schema update for MS SQL Server deployments. It is only necessary to run verifyIndexes.sql to update the schema to latest level.
Otherwise no action is required unless upgrading from a version prior to If you use auto schema updates (default behavior) there is no action required."

-- Daniel

APAR # Abstract
LO93281 Modify an encrypted event from mobile device may corrupt event body.
LO93380 Support 32 bit Domino 9.0.1 Server.
LO93412 One index may cause performance problems on MS SQL Server.
LO93440 Incorrect default ACL for R6MemoMap.nsf
LO93455 Incorrect error code used for network error.
LO93466 Set $RFSaveInfo field on Reply/Forward from mobile device.
LO93491 Name used for time zone on mobile device does not match value used by Notes Client.
LO93522 Improve handling of very small in-line mime images.
LO93529 Web Administrator interface may show Verse for iOS device as not supporting data wipe.
LO93547 Not authorized message logged during network outage.
LO93596 Device may be missing e-mail if user has another device with a smaller filter window.
LO93599 Handle unexpected list format in notes.ini file.
LO93645 Event may not show on user's device when user was removed then re-invited to the event.
LO93660 Yellow status message displayed for Replicas table missing a Primary Key.
LO93663 Mail in sent folder may be missing content when configured to save with no attachments.
LO93706 Add NTS_JAVA_PARMS_EXT notes.ini parameter to allow for values larger than 256 characters.
LO93709 Attachment with DBCS characters in the file name may not display on mobile device.
LO93720 Update APNS Certificates, new expiration data March 30,2019.


1Craig Wiseman  08.03.2018 13:42:22  Traveler Released

The 32bit Domino support is welcome (and unexpected).

2Daniel Nashed  08.03.2018 14:26:16  Traveler Released

@Craig, I don't see why we should still need 32bit.

There are only benefits moving to a native 64bit stack completely.

The only reason I would see if you run it on a machine with other applications like ST which are not yet available in 64bit.

IMHO it's time to move on. Win32 is the only remaining 32bit platform just for legacy reasons.

But yes it's still good for some customers cases that 32bit is back.

-- Daniel

3Craig Wiseman  09.03.2018 17:56:40  Traveler Released

I agree with you in general, but I've run across a mucher need for 32bit Domino than I would have guessed.

Examples are agents and processes that call out to 32bit flavors of Excel & Word, as well as other 3rd party apps.

Specifically for 32bit Traveler, a number of very small customers (50-100 users) are running tiny DR sites and having Traveler running on 32bit Domino helps them.

4Michael Heil  07.05.2018 20:40:08  Traveler Released

Hello, ist it possible to reset all Users to default after the Update ? To get a full first time Sync ?



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