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Daniel Nashed


Traveler Released

Daniel Nashed  18 November 2017 14:44:58
Traveler has been released and I installed it already.
As usual, if you are not waiting for an urgent open issue that is listed in the fix list, it might make sense to wait before installing a new version in production asap.
I have installed it already befor the weekend and it looks good for my small environment.

Beside the fixes listed below there is a new feature:
  • Support for invitee availability search from Calendar on Exchange ActiveSync clients.

Still trying to test it. Not sure the iOS native calendar does support it.

I did not have this on the radar and also never tested with the Verse app. Don't see it working here.
Maybe someone has an idea?

I did not testing but without luck on any of my clients.

APAR # Abstract
LO93044 Slow sync due to prime sync thread looping over large number of child documents.
LO93067 Better handling of encrypted mail when syncing to mobile device.
LO93070 Traveler cleanup bind command may fail when using MS SQL Server.
LO93084 Better handling of Notes Doc Links when syncing to mobile devices.
LO93196 Traveler "did not respond in time" messages on the console log.
LO93217 Additional HTML to plain text conversion options to improve generated plain text content.
LO93221 Do not include previous attachments on reply mails from MaaS Secure Mail client.
LO93236 Improve crash prevention on Traveler server when processing documents.
LO93238 Phone messages with HTML content may not display correctly on mobile device.
LO93258 Traveler server may be unresponsive due to logging thread deadlock.
LO93319 Support for Domino 9.0.1 FP10.


1Detlev Pöttgen  18.11.2017 17:35:19  Traveler Released

Just to share it here, too:

If you are still running a Domino 32-Bit version - Traveler no longer supports 32-Bit.

Please, take a look at the System Requirements:

{ Link }

Finally - time to upgrade to 64-Bit

2Gregg Ginsberg  19.11.2017 21:18:25  Traveler Released

The native iOS calendar app has supported free/busy lookup since iOS 8.

3Daniel Nashed  19.11.2017 22:21:48  Traveler Released

@Gregg, I know but in my test it did not show the conflicts.

Not sure what is going wrong. I have seen a conflict once but afterwards it did not work any more.

I am selecting an user on the same server but I am not getting a conflict.

-- Daniel

4kd  20.11.2017 1:34:07  Traveler Released

it's a bit interesting that the makes a few references to domino 901 FP10. I went looking for FP10 thinking I must have missed it but found it is only in stage 2 preparation and not due for release until Q1 2018. Wondering if had to be released earlier than originally planned?

5Franz Stadler  20.11.2017 11:02:17  Traveler Released

@Daniel,@Gregg, regarding "Support for invitee availability search from Calendar on Exchange ActiveSync clients." it would be very helpful, if IBM would add a description eg in the IBM Knowledge Center, IBM Traveler documentation, What's new section

So we would not have to guess how it should work...


6Franz Stadler  23.11.2017 16:16:07  Traveler Released

After upgrading to the symbol of a Notes Document Link is missing on an iOS device in the native Mail app? The symbol for the Notes View Link and Application Link are still shown correct. Does any one else observe this behavior? Maybe this is a regression regarding APAR # LO93084.

7Kevin Rowland  30.11.2017 10:42:51  Traveler Released

It appears the lack of support for Domino 32bit in was an oversight. It is being addressed in an APAR and will be reinstated in

8Franz Stadler  11.01.2018 9:58:41  Traveler Released

@Daniel,@Gregg - We opened a PMR regarding the new feature "Support for invitee availability search from Calendar on Exchange ActiveSync clients."

There are 3 new notes.ini paremeters:




All 3 described in "IBM Knowledge Center / IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1" documentation section "Notes.ini settings".

More info about them can also be found in the section "Known limitations and restrictions / Apple limitations and restrictions / Calendar".

Here how it should work:

1. Create your event with a title and proposed date and time

2. Tap Invitees, and select from the suggested participants, use the type ahead search, or use the image icon to select from the contacts on your phone and tap DONE

3. Review scheduling conflicts and alternative times where all invitees can attend.

4. To remove an invitee, swipe their name from right to left.

As the free busy search also did not work after we knew how it has to be done, we also found out, that a working free busy connection from the IBM Traveler Server to the IBM Domino Mail Server of the users is mandatory. So at least Calendar Connector has to run on the IBM Traveler Server, and if the IBM Traveler Servers are in an own Domino Domain, a cross domain free busy search has to be configured via a Adjacent Domain (Calendar Information) document!

Now it works like a charm.

Hope it also works on your environment!


9Jim Hession  25.02.2018 17:40:05  Traveler Released

Unfortunately, we upgraded our server to (32-bit) IBM Domino 9.0.1 FP10 before realizing that the IBM Traveler server wouldn't run on it.

Anyone know when IBM Traveler is coming out? I won't be able to bring the Domino server down to convert to 64-bit Domino for quite some time.

Thank you.

10Kevin Rowland  05.03.2018 18:04:22  Traveler Released


32bit available here:,019,866/,019,866/90120_20171214_1247_Server_Win_Readme.txt



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