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Daniel Nashed


Traveler released with some fixes

Daniel Nashed  19 August 2016 22:12:42
There is a new traveler release that just shipped.
Some of the issues might affect you.

APAR # Abstract
LO82881 Domino server may crash if $NTTrack field is corrupted.
LO89471 Traveler invitee status may be incorrect if using mixed case internet addresses.
LO89606 Number of recipients limited to 100 when sending mail from a mobile device.
LO89745 Traveler server enters constrained state when load balancing a large number of users.
LO89772 Meeting chair may receive multiple notices from attendee who processes notice on an Apple Native Calendar application.
LO89840 IBM Verse mobile application fails to download entire mail for very large mail documents.
LO89952 Deleted device still present in the Web Administration UI after the 30 day reap interval.
LO89954 E-mail not in sent folder on mobile device when user sends and files an e-mail in Notes client.

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