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Daniel Nashed


Traveler is available as of today

Daniel Nashed  29 July 2013 16:03:16

Traveler has been just released today. Nobody told us exactly what was coming in this release and when.
There are a couple of interesting enhancements. Also on the companion app.

The updated companion app is also available on iTunes already.

See what is new in in Companion APP Version

Companion has a new, improved UI and supports multiple languages.

In addition to reading and sending Domino encrypted email, Companion can now handle other secure messages, such as those marked "do not copy" or containing sensitive attachments.

Companion supports multiple mail accounts.

Forget to let co-workers know you'll be away on vacation? You can now use Companion to update your Out of Office settings. (Notes Traveler server required.)

Companion now fully supports the MobileIron® mobile device management environment. Organizations using MobileIron to manage their mobile applications can securely access their Notes Traveler server and ensure compliance with the organization's device and mobile application security policies.

This release also includes many stability enhancements and improved error reporting.

Also the Todo App has been updated.

Here is the link to the Traveler landing page. I have not seen an official list of new features yet.
But most features are around enhancing device support and also email security.
Most of it is listed in the description of the companion app.
And similar enhancements are in the Android application.
There are also enhancements for attachment handling on Windows Phone/RT but the security did not change. That would need additional software like the companion app on the iOS devices.

Nobody told us that the new release will be called The lasted information was that there will be a UP1 again. This numbering schema would be easier and less confusing.
Let's wait how they call the news version...

Happy downloading and installing!

-- Daniel
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