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Daniel Nashed


Traveler 9.0. IF4 has shipped

Daniel Nashed  31 March 2014 06:20:22
Traveler 9.0.1 IF 4 has shipped end of last week. There are some important fixes on the server side and also some fixes in the Android client.

After doing the update over the weekend I thought about building a small script to automate Traveler updates on Linux.
First I thought it would make sense to have it in my start script but I am not sure about it.

Silent install works like a charm. What do you think? Should I add a customizable script to shutdown, install, startup?
It could be even interesting to directly copy the install files from a central location -- specially with larger Traveler environments.
Or the changes could be pushed centrally and Traveler would just check if the files are there when the restartinstall command is executed.
Just an idea not sure if this would be really something customers would like to run.

Maybe I should start this up separately and not include it into the start script. But it would work in combination with the start script.

What are you guys doing? Is someone already automating server updates on Linux in a similar way?

-- Daniel

IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 Interim Fix 4

Release Date Component Build Levels Release Documentation
March 24, 2014 Server
Android Client
9.0.1 IF4 Release Documentation

APAR # Component Abstract
LO78645external link Server Save and Security buttons are not enabled for Notes Traveler Web Administrator.
LO78732external link Android Calendar entries may be missing in Agenda view after upgrading the client.
LO78762external link Android Traveler client on Android may have connection issues if connected to a server.
LO78786external link Server Line returns may be lost in Out Of Office message body.
LO78825external link Server Corporate lookup may not work from Android device if message headers altered by Network.
LO78876external link Server Plain text mail with pre tag may format too small on mobile device.
LO78924external link Server Send mail to all invitees from iNotes shows on Mobile device as a Prevent Copy mail.
LO78929external link Android Contact search does not work on Samsung Galaxy S3 device.
LO78948external link Server Duplicate mail sends may occur due to device resending with different identifier.
LO78965external link Server Some attachments may not download to mobile device correctly.
LO78973external link Server Slow sync performance due to DB threads growing and/or long running PS or DS threads.
LO78997external link Server Personal contact group may interfere with personal contact sync.
LO79011external link Server Workaround to prevent BB devices from re-syncing all data when syncing To Dos and Mail.
LO79012external link Server Delivery failure on send mail from device if domain is found to be empty string.
LO79015external link Server Unable to send encrypted mail from device if the recipient does not have internet address defined.
LO79041external link Android Notes Traveler To Do widget only displays one item on Android 4.4 OS.
LO79070external link Server Unable to forward a calendar entry with no description from Windows device.
LO79104external link Server Mime format mail sent from device will be converted to Rich Text format.
LO79234external link Server Passcode History setting is applied differently on Apple devices than other mobile devices.
LO79412external link Server Long running PS thread on server due to invalid filter window stored in database.
LO79435external link Server Encoded attachments will not download to BB or WP devices.
LO79465external link Android Unable to view some folders on Android OS 4.4 devices.
LO79492external link Server Re-accept meeting on iOS may remove the event from the device, server not effected.
LO79498external link Server Mail send from device may be sent twice if experience time out or connection drop during send.
LO79499external link Server Traveler server slow to start if IPv6 addresses specified on host.
LO79503external link Server Traveler shut down hang due to orphaned thread, may result in Domino server crash.
LO79504external link Server Support sync of embedded icons with WP and BB devices.
LO79516external link Server Domino API crash if attachment name greater than 253 characters on 32 bit system.


1Stephan H. Wissel  01.04.2014 7:48:42  Traveler 9.0. IF4 has shipped

making updates simpler to deploy is really bitterly needed. The archane update processs is used by many admins as justification for inaction

2Patrick Tippner  01.04.2014 11:09:17  Traveler 9.0. IF4 has shipped

I'd love to see IBM provide distribution specific installer packages like RPMs and DEBs. Additionally, IBM should provide repositories accessible directly from the specific package-management system. (e.g. sources.list entry for apt-get, or a software repository accessible from the yast online update system in SLES)

3P. Glombovsky  14.05.2014 16:24:08  Traveler 9.0. IF4 has shipped

Hi Daniel, I want to know your opinion about the internal architecture of Traveler. This is the only task that is mainly coded in java. I understand all the benefits of 64 bits but in my opinion doing most of the code using Java in such a server product used so intensively (it's probably one of the most used server tasks) is not a good choice. Plenty of memory used for the java run time (that is just a wrapper). Why not to code it using C as the other tasks?

Fortunately all the Domino operations are embedded in travelerca.dll (this is just a JNI module that uses Notes C API). Even more, this new 9.0.1 IF4 version uses nlsxbe in travelerca.dll.. not intensively but it means that a C API program uses some scripting functions. Traveler is a good idea, but in my opinion it should be migrated to C...

4Daniel Nashed  15.05.2014 21:59:27  Traveler 9.0. IF4 has shipped

Sorry I cannot really comment on the architecture that IBM uses for Traveler.



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