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Daniel Nashed


    Traveler 11.0.2 released -- including Support for MySQL in Traveler HA mode

    Daniel Nashed  18 November 2020 21:53:53
    Beside some important JVM out of memory fixes and room reservation support for ESA 16.x with Apple calendar, there is one more big new thing!

    Support for MySQL !! This is big news for many customers.

    Today the DB2 license is still bundled with the Traveler HA license. This is still covered by an agreement with IBM.
    But this support will end as some point and if a customer uses DB2 just for Traveler HA, this might be overkill..

    A SQL server needs to be separate licensed -- if a customer doesn't have licences anyway, this can be some reasonable amount to pay.

    MySQL is a free, open source relational databases, which has shown in tests, that it can compete with a SQL server in a Traveler HA environment.

    Don't ask me for a migration from SQL server to MySQL yet .. But a quick Google search has shown resources that don't look like mission impossible. I found a YouTube video demoing it.

    DISCLAIMER: Currently MySQL is only supported for fresh setups or new migrations from stand-alone to HA mode.

    There is no official migration path between different databases used in HA mode.
    The migration from a stand-alone server using Derby is fully supported.

    My info was more about that could be possible in general.
    If someone is interested in testing what happens in a test environment, I would be very interested in the results.

    But until HCL comes out with an official supported migration path, I would not try this at home ;-)

    I also found an interesting TCO article when searching for the migration -->
    Depending on what you do, this could make a difference :-)

    Of course MySQL can run in a Docker container -->

    OK to be fair, SQL Server also has a Docker container on Linux! -- Which surprised me a while ago.

    But having an open source database on Docker is a different animal  ;-)

    HCL Technote for Traveler 11.0.2
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