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Daniel Nashed


Traveler 11.0.1 FP1 released

Daniel Nashed  3 June 2020 03:42:56

If you are using a multi Domino domain Traveler environment, this Fixpack is important for you!
And you should read the referenced technotes in very detail!

Traveler support for multi Domino domains updates

When Active Sync 16 support was introduced, Traveler started to use a calendar API which wasn't completely multi Domino domain aware.

Notices for invitations have been send from the Traveler server instead of the home mail server of the user.

There is a new notes.ini setting to control this behavior  -->

So for a multi Domino domain environment you really have to install the FP and enable this parameter in most of the cases to ensure the right mail routing and formatting of addresses for those notices.

User session mode and trusted Server required!
(some few admins might still use it)

You should also be aware that the old Traveler access mode should be completely avoided with Traveler 11 and the introduced changes.
In case you are still running the old mode as a work-around via setting
NTS_USER_SESSION ini paramter to FALSE, you really have to switch to the new mode and add your Traveler servers to the Trusted Server list on your mail-servers!
We rarely see customers still using this old mode and now is the final call to switch to the new mode!

The new mode uses the trusted server functionality and creates a real Notes user session on the mail server and is enabled by default.

Traveler HA recommendations

Another note is important when updating Traveler HA pools! You should ensure that all servers in a pool are updated from an older release to Traveler 11 in a very short sequence of time.

Mixing different ActiveSync Versions in a Traveler pool is not desirable and should be avoided!

So it would be best to update one Traveler server after another!

The new fixpack now also supports the quite new Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

See this technote for details:

And find the fixes here (search does still not work with a partner account).

1Apisak Polsen  17.06.2020 8:28:08  Traveler 11.0.1 FP1 released

Hi All,

Our traveler has alert "certificate_expired" and certificate will also expire in June 2020. Anyone have ideas if to maintain @ Traveler version.

Kind regards,

2Patrick Schneider  19.06.2020 12:17:41  Traveler 11.0.1 FP1 released

Hello Apisak,

you could switch out the APNS Certificate files

(data\traveler\cfg\ )




from a newer version (e.g. 11.0.1 FP1 they're valid until Feb 13, 2021).

Best regards,




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