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Daniel Nashed


SUSE Leap -- this distribution getting more fans soon?

Daniel Nashed  14 December 2020 16:01:48

On the server side for Domino and other HCL products RHEL, SLES and CentOS have been always the safe bet and fully supported.

With the changes in the CentOS space I am rethinking if a strong fucus on CentOS is still the right step for me.

I have been looking into SUSE Leap again over the weekend.

SUSE Leap is also a great stable platform with a regular release cycle. In contrast to Tumbleweed which is a rolling release.
See some details here:

The Domino installation on SUSE Leap isn't completely smooth and it isn't officially supported today.

But it looks like an interesting option to have in future. So I spent some time looking into it.

The install shows some warnings, because of the way it checks for the platform

SUSE Leap for Domino on Docker

Adding the SUSE Leap 15.2 base image option into our Domino Docker community image ( sounded like a good start point.
I had some challenges like using zypper instead of yum and different default package selection.

Again this isn't anything that is really supported. But I added it to get some first hand on experience in combination with Domino.

The same way we added Centos8 and UBI support you can now use the alternate "dockerfile_leap" for building your image (currently only added to the develop branch).

While working on this I ran into some memory issues with wget and I replaced it with curl now completely for the install script.
But moving away from wget and replacing it with curl was already on the list.

SUSE Leap on WSL2

The more I look into the distribution, the more I like it.

For example for WSL2 on Windows there is no offering from RedHat.
And I wasn't completely happy with Ubuntu and Debian (personal choice and arguable of course).

So I installed ->

And I think this will be my new Windows WSL 2 desktop Linux!

I will also continue to look into it in more detail also for other projects.

For Domino it's today not an option. It's not on the "supported list". But the way how "supported" is defined is in the flow today at HCL as far I understood.

And SUSE Leap sounds like one of the logical choices to me -- beside Astra Linux for the Russian market.

-- Daniel

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