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Daniel Nashed

Support for Windows 2008 R2 RDS and XenApp 6.0

Daniel Nashed – 16 July 2010 07:02:43

We are currently in discussion about "Windows Server 2008 R2 RDS" and "XenApp 6.0" support.
Both platforms are not yet supported. Having XenApp 6.0 support is the logical next step but we see more and more customers who are moving to the Microsoft solution with Win 2008 R2 which has been improved a lot.
Sadly "Terminal Services" have never been supported and we are looking for customer references who would need those platforms for their environment -- specially Win 2008 R2.

Christian Henseler created two IdeaJam entries.
But if you would like to give IBM more details about your requirements (Number of Users etc) Christian and me could pass this information directly to the responsible person in IBM.

Feel free to send your information directly to info at

-- Daniel

Windows Server 2008 R2 RDS support 

XenApp 6.0 support

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