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Daniel Nashed


Domino Startup Program Docs by Weekday

Daniel Nashed  31 May 2018 06:50:03
We ran into this by coincident. Usually this doesn't happen when you have a new program doc.
But we copied existing program docs and modified them.

If you change your program document from "Enabled" to "At server startup only" the weekdays to run the program are hidden in the UI.
You would assume that the program is started when the server starts at any day -- But the weekdays are still effective for this program document!

In our case the Saturday wasn't selected because Saturday is our maintenance day and we copied the program doc from other program docs before modifying the trigger.
We had scheduled server maintenance on Saturdays. So this program doc wasn't executed when the server was booted...

In most cases when you create a program doc from scratch this will never cause any issues because by default all weekdays are selected.
The UI and the code are not following the same logic. And at least this isn't an intended behavior and I don't see that I would have a use case for that.

If you are a copy&paste fan like me, you should check your startup program docs!
The fieldname is Field Name: WeekDays and the textlist should contain the numbers "1" to "7".

-- Daniel


1Steve Bailey  31.05.2018 8:03:40  Domino Startup Program Docs by Weekday

This made me smile. Gotta love Domino sometimes :).

I've only seen one Domino shop use Program Docs instead of ServerTasks= to schedule tasks at startup. I guess there's a small benefit to easily see in the client what tasks are scheduled, but there must be a small risk that if the Program Docs view is corrupted then tasks may not load. Notes.ini wins for me for that reason.

2Daniel Nashed  31.05.2018 8:37:09  Domino Startup Program Docs by Weekday


Programm docs at startup have benefits!

For example:

- It's more transparent configuration

- They are easier to maintain and change

- You can use groups of servers or even configure it for all servers using *

The standard tasks that every server make sense in the servertask notes.ini setting.

But program documents are really helpful in many other cases.

-- Daniel



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