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Daniel Nashed

SPF check with SpamGeek on Linux

Daniel Nashed – 29 May 2021 19:42:03

The is available on CentOS.
I took a look into the project and build a version with SPF support.
It's conditionally compiled with the lib and I have added it to my production servers.
The SPF status is just added to the document and can be used in rule documents like the following.

Image:SPF check with SpamGeek on Linux


1Richard Cotrim  03.06.2021 18:54:17  SPF check with SpamGeek on Linux

Fantastic, what do I have to do start using spamgeek.

Nice work.

2Daniel Nashed  16.06.2021 20:19:08  SPF check with SpamGeek on Linux

@Richard, sorry for the late reply!

I can send you SpamGeek but SPF is only in a special version I conditionally compiled with dependencies to

This only supports Linux right now and you have to have for example CentOS to get it from their repo.

There are some smaller changes in the design which I added to the database for testing. But I will just add them to the template probably.

It's also about more views. The logic can be just added to a standard rule document.

The SPF check is just a couple of new fields added to the document created, which stores all the information about an incoming mail ..

Sent you a mail ..

-- Daniel



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