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Daniel Nashed

SpamGeek V1.0.11

Daniel Nashed – 24 August 2009 12:27:50

Since Release 1.0 of SpamGeek I had not much feedback from users beside that it works extremely well for them.
All companies using it are Notes Business Partners (geeks) who are interested in how it works and want to be in full control of their Anti-SPAM settings.

The changes I added are mostly fixing smaller issues here and there. There was one issue with calculation of black/white list words. And a couple of other details that are minor changes.
I have found most of them in my own productive environment and tested the changes for a while.

I think Version 1.0 was a good first release and there is currently not much to do for me.
One idea was to add a very simple antivirus option because I want that for my own environment.
But right now I cannot justify the time working on that if it is only me.
If you have ideas and feedback let me know.

You should upgrade to 1.0.11. If you are running a version 1.0 or higher you simply have to switch the binary.

If you want to use the current version drop me a mail.

SpamGeek is currently still not a selling product because I don't see a big market for a geeky antispam solution.
Therefore I don't do any marketing for it. It's still free for a small shop with 5-10 users.

-- Daniel

1Jérôme Deniau  15.12.2015 16:01:48  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

Can we have a try (we are just 9 users) for linux 64/Domino 64?


2Daniel Nashed  16.12.2015 8:12:32  SpamGeek V1.0.11

@Jérôme, I will send it to you by email

3Jérôme Deniau  14.01.2016 15:11:57  SpamGeek V1.0.11

@Daniel, Thanks works really great for our 64 linux server...

4Henning Heinz  18.03.2016 17:18:02  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Well, we are 30 users (on unsupported Debian 64Bit) so maybe there is a (small) market?

We are currently handling our Spam externally. It is inexpensive and works ok but I would like to have more control about what gets refused (or not) and to be honest I would love to have something to play with on Domino too.

I don't work for an IBM Business Partner and have been happily using your really great Start/Stop Script for Unix for years.

I have used kSpam in the past but it is abandoned now. For AV we currently use Kaspersky for IBM Domino but it does not work for us since 2 years, even on Windows, although it is supposed to).

But I have to be honest. We are e.g. not using Geniisoft products because it was too expensive for my boss so the millions have to be made somewhere else.

Apart from all this it is great that there are still people around in the IBM Domino world with such a deep knowledge and you even share some of it

Thank you!


5Ulrich Krause  20.10.2016 7:12:09  SpamGeek V1.0.11

I would like to give it a try on my home server ( Domino 9.0.1/64 - Win2008R2/64 )

6Daniel Nashed  21.10.2016 13:51:39  SpamGeek V1.0.11

@Ulrich, sent you a mail with the current version

7Ondrej Zerzanek  04.07.2017 13:43:40  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

Could I try it out on our Domino, please?

Thank you,


8Maxim  28.11.2017 21:38:00  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel!

Is it possible to try current version?

Thank you in advance!

9Thomas Frenz  30.03.2019 18:26:23  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

i would like to take SpamGeek on my Server at home.

Thanks Thomas

10Michael Fritzsche  11.02.2020 8:48:22  SpamGeek V1.0.11

I would like to try it on my home server.

11Gonzalo Nicolas Bravo  20.07.2020 16:01:12  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel, is this tool free? How is your distribution?

Thank you

12Ilia   06.10.2020 10:35:17  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel!

Just found your website.

Is it possible to try current version?


13Henk  24.02.2021 15:25:22  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

I would like to use SpamGeek in my environment (2 users).

Can you drop me an email on how to download and install it?

Many thanks,


14Aleksey  28.07.2021 14:34:14  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel!

Is there a chance to try SpamGeek?


15Mahtab  23.10.2021 6:18:45  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

I would like to use SpamGeek in my environment as we need it. May be I can send some ideas after getting familiar with the product. We are 5 of my team and around 10 clients. Small business.



16Karl Hartmann  15.03.2022 18:11:56  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

would it be possible to get a version for a 3 person Domino server?


17Dan  02.04.2022 20:47:11  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Can I get a spamgeek license? I have less than 5 ppl on my server.

18Mathieu FABIEN  17.07.2023 7:41:47  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

Possible to have a copy of SpamGeek ?


19Armin  15.10.2023 19:24:43  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

I would also like to try spamgeek (just for 2 users)

Thanks in advance


20Marcel  01.03.2024 10:21:50  SpamGeek V1.0.11

Hi Daniel,

since we are currently looking for spam protection on our Domino Server, I wanted to ask if we could get a Spamgeek test version?



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