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Daniel Nashed


Sorbs RBL might shutdown 20 July

Daniel Nashed  17 July 2009 12:26:28

It is not 100% clear if the Sorbs RBL that is included in the default SpamGeek configuration might shutdown 20 July (see details of the current status at
My friend Nike pinged me about this some days ago and we both had no idea how to interpret what is going to happen.
But I want to raise the awareness in case you have configured in SpamGeek or any other solution that you have a closer look what happens.

-- Daniel


1Bart Severein  17.07.2009 13:49:29  Sorbs RBL might shutdown 20 July

There is no real progress noticeable, since Michelle, who is running the list, stated on 25th of June SORBS might be saved. But she is in England for a school reunion these days so that might be the reason. However, the short outages listed on her website can interrupt your mailflow already. Plus it does not feel good to base an important part of a mailflow on whether or not one (1) person is able to get things done, as much as I appreciate the service and her efforts to keep it online. Best advice IMHO is to remove SORBS from the mail settings, until it is clear what is going to happen.



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