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Daniel Nashed

SLES 15 is now supported for Domino 11 & Sametime 11

Daniel Nashed – 12 February 2020 16:49:41
The system requirement technotes have been updated...

Now SLES 15 is listed as supported for Domino and Sametime.

SLES 15 is different from the previous versions. I tried to look into it with the GA version and looked into it again with SP1.

You should only run it with SP1. And if you can do the online configuration and not just off-line from DVD.. They changed the installer .. What can I say ...

I have tested Domino 11 already with SLES 15 SP1 and it just works.
And I spent a lot of time getting Sametime installed on CentOS over the weekend and I spent the whole evening installing it on SLES 12 SP5.

I would not expect much more difficulties with SLES 15. But SLES 12 was already a challenge ..

But the good news I figured out why my start script wasn't working with SLES. The rc init.d functions from SuSE always broke the ST status website.
Now that we don't have init.d I made a fix for the start script to not use the rc init.d code from SuSE in combination with systemd. That finally fixed the issues I had with Sametime in combination with my start script on SLES. Still testing.. If someone needs the changed version let me know ...

Update 15.2.2020:

On SLES 12 I was able to install Mongo 3.6. And we had some missing OpenSSL *.so version dependencies which have not been resolved. Setting symbolic links helped.
But on SLES 15 SP1 -- which is the current version you would run, when using SLES 15 -- Mongo DB is supported starting at version 4.2.1. This version isn't supported by ST 11 yet. And even a standard Mongo DB 4.2.x installation from the original repro failed with the same OpenSSL version dependencies.

So for now you should not try to install ST 11 on SLES 15 until this is resolved!

-- Daniel

HCL Domino 11.0 Detailed System Requirements

HCL Sametime 11 System requirements

1John D.  13.02.2020 20:32:51  SLES 15 is now supported for Domino 11 & Sametime 11

My client was on a conference call with HCL today and it seems they have decided to do a stealth drop of support for Domino V10 V11 on zLinux. Have you heard anything about it?



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