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Daniel Nashed


    Sametime Features allowed with the Notes 8 Client License

    Daniel Nashed  2 September 2011 11:09:31

    Even if you are only installing a Sametime entry server you might run into license issues if you only have Notes 8 Client licenses.
    The default Sametime policy that comes with Sametime 8.5.1 Entry contains some features which need a full Sametime Client license.

    For example multiple chat communities, pasting screen prints.

    So if you don't disable those features for users without a full Sametime license you are potentially running into trouble during your next IBM license audit.

    Here are some details about which features belong to which license type ...

    -- Daniel


    1Rainer  03.09.2011 17:17:31  Sametime Features allowed with the Notes 8 Client License

    Hallo Daniel,

    danke für den Tip... Die beiden Links sind echt hilfreich...

    cu @ LS12




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